8 Korean Fashion Designer Brands of 2014

If you are a lover of Korean appearance you a lot of absolutely charge to apperceive about the afterward Korean appearance artist brands.

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This is a cast of Chiel industries which is a accessory of Samsung Group. The cast provides a amount of articles that appear in altered tastes of alive denim, contemporary style, accessories, basal style, shoes, and handbags.

Control clother

This is a artist bureau that aids in ablution brands for both calm and adopted distribution. Since it’s harder for new designers to barrage new brands and attempt adjoin the absolute labels, ascendancy clother helps the new designers by training and giving them an befalling to barrage their articles overseas.


It agency “who are you,” a appellation acclimated to animate alone expression. WhoAU brings about the accidental and ablaze California styles of “west coast.” the a lot of amazing affair about WhoAU’s collections is that they accept the aforementioned basal designs which actualize accomplished bank accents.


This creates adornment that you can mix and bout with your clothes, attitude and attach art. The cast has abounding brands such as triangle bracelets, necklaces, cracker rings and earrings.

Judy and Joshua

This is a business that focuses on aesthetics to reinterpret a minimalist look. The cast is usually actual acute to trends; therefore, all the articles appear by the business are consistently the a lot of latest and get the adorned of abounding people. As a aftereffect of this the articles appear by the cast are calmly bought.


“Re” is meant to change the foundation of architecture while “code” agency to actualize a ability of account the ambiance and administration above fashion. This agency that the ambition of the cast is to actualize a customer aeon that is caring for the environment.

The cast aswell aids in abbreviation decay and at the aforementioned time increases the superior of the articles getting manufactured.


This cast represents addition in abundance and style. Clothes produced beneath this cast can be beat at home or if one is traveling on a abrupt outing.


Thavma creates accomplished accoutrements application the finest cowhide covering from Italy. The brand’s abstraction is disconnected into three categories:

• Various basic: it’s aimed at creating articles that are trendy. Here simple designs and assorted abstracts are used.

• Contemporary account chic: this one aims at bearing articles that are both applied and stylish

• Neo classic: this is developed as the brand’s foundation

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